Directions 1. Hwy 101 exit 13
2. South towards Kentville
3. Left on Route 1(Evangeline trail)
4. Veer right on Cornwallis St NS341 E/359N
5. Follow NS-359 towards Halls Harbour
6. Signs to the Charles Macdonald Concrete Museum N 45° 07.570, W 064° 31.390
Artist Kevin West Kevin West is fascinated by the whirligig with its wind-driven design, a tradition of Atlantic Canada. A folk artist, West allows his celebration of whimsy to flourish in his designs, creating intricate mechanical structures commissioned by many. He is president of the Charles Macdonald Concrete House of Centreville Society.
stop Installation Roscoe Fillmore a Maritime Radical Roscoe Fillmore was one of North America's top gardeners. He wrote 4 books on gardening and a national radio show. A devout dissenter he spent most of his life advocating for the end of slave wages and for worker's rights. "I have read history and learned that without dissenters man would have made no progress. The satisfied and self-complacent are vegetables, nothing more. These are today's greatest problems because they are prepared to follow blind leaders into nuclear cremation and the end of the human race..."
Roscoe Filmore as quoted in The Chronicle Herald May 26,1961 He was an early supporter of equal rights for the black population . He was one of the first businesses to hire black workers. I like making automata, the challenge fo me is the story and figuring out the mechanism to make it work. I learned a lot about Roscoe from the book Maritime Radical the Life and Times of Roscoe Fillmore by Nicholas Fillmore Between The Lines Publishing This installation is sponsored by