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Curatorial Statement
Drawing on the rich geological, historical, and the possible futures of Kings County, UCA 2017 brings together artists who respond to landscape through concepts of the terrestrial and subterranean. Working from the perspective that our relationship to place is formed in reference to our own ancestral and cultural histories, the artists this year present a wide range of cultural contexts. Included in the exhibition are narratives of the Acadian diaspora alongside work that reveals contested places through colonial conquest. Many artists invite the landscape as a collaborator in works that change throughout the exhibition. Tides gnaw at copper inscriptions on granite while objects from a robust industrial past are archived. Fundy clay exposes raw film material, revealed through viewing mechanisms, while similarly, in another work, virtual objects are suspended onto the architecture through analogue wizardry. As a whole, these works interact with and augment the rich narratives embedded in this landscape, presenting unique regional perspectives within communities that border the Minas Basin.