Eye Candy locations


1. Sponsored by the Slipp Design, located in the Acadia Cinema lobby, 450 Main St, Wolfville.


2. Sponsored by the Harvest Gallery, located at Harvest Gallery, 462 Main St, Wolfville.


3. Sponsored by the Parsons Investment, located in the Kentville Library, 440 Main St, Kentville.


4. Sponsored by the Mud Creek Rotary, located at the Kings County Museum, 37 Cornwallis St, Kentville.


Kings County is our gallery and

eye candy

is our gift shop.


To celebrate our 10th year, participating artists are creating small artworks to fit in a 2.5 inch plastic ball dispensed in

re-purposed gum ball machines.

The Eye Candy Machine takes $20

tokens which can be purchased

wherever machines are located.