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UCA 2019 begins its 12th year with
calls for submission 2019 Concept - Wearing the Land Curated by Bonnie Baker - UCA invites artists to develop temporary outdoor installations animated by the theme of Wearing the land, expressing the idea of reciprocity between the landscape of King’s County, Nova Scotia, and the people who live there. People have passed through, lived in, and cultivated this region for millenniums. Our habits of movement wear paths and tracks along the land; sweeps of cultivated fields, flattened forest, shorelines reconstructed and waterways rerouted (or polluted) are the purposeful indications of ourselves on the landscape. We wear the land with the marks of our occupation, whether temporary or permanent, settler or original inhabitant, urbanite or rural dweller, capitalist or worker. Taking this notion a step further, you might say that in shaping the land, the land shapes us. How we occupy and move through a landscape impresses itself upon our imaginations, our minds, our identities as well as our bodies. In proposing the theme of Wearing the Land, UCA asks artists to consider the relationship between landscape and the people who inhabit it with a broad eye and, to quote Robert MacFarlane, to think of it as the relationship between the landscape and the human heart.

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